Straight A's for A to B course

Friday, 03 October 2014

A new Challenger Institute of Technology course in Peel that focuses on moving goods from A to B is set to earn top marks.

Introduction to Logistics is a five-week course that offers participants the opportunity to get a foothold in a business sec¬¬¬tor with wide-ranging employment possibilities.

Challenger’s logistics lecturer Stephen Goodlet said the diversity of industry in the Peel region made it the ideal delivery site for a course in logistics.

“Manufacturing, agriculture, retail, construction and health care, all of which are prominent industries in Mandurah and the Murray shire, are heavily dependent on logistics,” he said.

“Whether it’s the distribution of goods by rail, road, sea or air, a skilled logistician can save organisations valuable time, resources and expenses with a properly implemented warehousing and transport plan,” Mr Goodlet said.

The introductory course will include units on stock despatch, goods receipt, and service delivery. It runs from 16 October to 13 November, 9am-4pm on Thursdays.

Completion of these units form part of the nationally-accredited Certificate II in Logistics qualification. Challenger offers certificate courses in warehousing operations and certificate and diploma courses in logistics.

PHOTO CAPTION: Challenger’s logistics lecturer Stephen Goodlet

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