Award-winning Nadia's fluent in people management

Friday, 22 November 2013

South American woman Nadia Heisler’s passion for people management has seen her take out Challenger Institute of Technology’s top award for international students.

A former journalist in Brazil, Nadia moved to Western Australia two years ago to study human resources and on Wednesday she received Challenger Institute’s International Student of the Year Award.

According to Nadia, hard work and a genuine passion for the industry were key contributors to her success.

“The world is full of opportunities for those who really want them, however we must be willing to work for them,” Nadia said.

Nadia said that the skills she learned as part of her HR training at Challenger were useful to people in many different industries.

“People skills are important regardless of what industry we are in and skills such as effective conflict resolution and being able to motivate staff to achieve their goals are always needed,” explained Nadia.

Human resources lecturer Sophia Noryahya said that despite English being Nadia’s second language, her dedication enabled her to become fluent in her new language and also achieve excellent results academically.

“Nadia is a self-directed learner and has demonstrated a remarkable tenacity and determination to master the English language – a sign of her commitment to learn and adapt in an ever changing environment,” Ms Noryahya said.

Earlier this year, Nadia was selected to represent Western Australia at the Council of International Students Australia’s National Education Conference in Sydney – a forum for international students to debate, learn and discuss topics that affect international students’ lives in Australia.

Since completing a Diploma of Human Resources Management at Challenger Institute, Nadia has commenced a Bachelor of Human Resources Management at Murdoch University. Nadia’s long-term goal is to work in organisational development for the mining or construction sectors.

Challenger Institute’s International Student Graduation Ceremony was held on 20 November at the WA Maritime Museum. More than 100 students from 26 countries were congratulated on their success in a range of training programs. 

PHOTO CAPTION: Nadia Heisler

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