Flour power comes to Challenger

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Challenger Institute of Technology’s Derek Hughes leads something of a double life, cooking up a storm in his sourdough bread-making course in addition to his role as the institute’s supply officer.

A former retail baker, Derek has never stopped baking, and enthusiastically passes on his knowledge to Challenger’s hospitality students.

Bread-baking student Ross Buncle recently took the course and said Derek’s impassioned approach to his classes was infectious.

"As a home baker of sourdough bread myself, I was struck by the depth of Derek’s knowledge and his deft dough handling and shaping skills," Ross said.

Over the three-and-a-half hour course Derek guides his students through the entire bread-making process, from weighing and mixing the ingredients; stretching and folding the dough during fermentation; to shaping and baking.

"The highlight is sampling the wares, which included a delicious black sesame sourdough pre-prepared by Derek and baked during the class," Ross said.

An evening class for Bread Making: An Introduction will next take place at Challenger's Beaconsfield campus on Tuesday, 12 November, from 6pm. Enquiries can be directed to 1800 001 001.

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