Shell grads get hands-on at ACEPT

Monday, 23 September 2013

Shell gradsNine engineering graduates who recently joined Shell spent a week at Challenger Institute of Technology's state-of-the-art oil and gas training facility to experience a live processing plant environment.

Featuring the only full-scale process plant in the southern hemisphere, Challenger Institute's Australian Centre for Energy and Process Training (ACEPT) provided an ideal training ground for the new Shell employees.

Shell's front end engineering general manager Steve Kauffman said the ACEPT facility and its experienced trainers ensured a safe and controlled environment and an excellent learning environment for graduates.

"The training allowed students to understand what it's like to work in an operating team," Mr Kauffman said. "It wasn't just theoretical, it was hands-on, and it complemented the training the graduates took part in at the Geelong refinery.

"They were able to role play different roles such as operator, panel man, team leader and supervisor. They also worked as a team to trouble shoot problems that arose."
Graduate employee Alice Finn said the training at ACEPT allowed her to take on a level of responsibility operators were required to possess on site.

"It allowed you to control the panel, work to maintain steady operation and react to upsets the instructors created for you," Ms Finn said.

Another graduate employee, Desmond Yeo, said the safety aspect of the training was extremely valuable.

"We now have a physical link between the technical work we do at the beginning of the Opportunity Realisations Standard (ORS) to the operation of the plant and ultimately the safety of the personnel working in the plant," he said.

"I now understand how this small change or lack of foresight in a design can be carried throughout the ORS and have an impact on people's lives around the site every day."

PHOTO CAPTION: Shell’s graduates on site at ACEPT

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