Challenger TAFE FLIs the flag for melanoma research

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

An innovative Challenger TAFE program to develop prospective leaders within the College has also provided a welcome boost to WA melanoma research.

The Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) is designed to nurture the College’s outstanding young staff members via professional development and mentoring.

Patron of the FLI and Challenger TAFE Director, Mardi Dwyer, said the program helped identify and develop future leaders while encouraging projects that benefited the community.

“The FLI demonstrates the College’s commitment to empowering staff members and recognising their potential for leadership while at the same time producing positive outcomes for the community,” she said.

“By fostering management skills and community-mindedness from within our own ranks, our standing as a preferred employer will become as strong as our reputation as a training provider.”

College staff involved with the FLI recently organised a charity luncheon that raised $2500 for the Scott Kirkbride Melanoma Research Centre (SKMRC).

FLI project co-leader, Angela Griffin, said it was her own painful experience of losing a friend to melanoma cancer that convinced the group to support the SKMRC as part of their first project.

“Like many people, I’ve lost someone close to me through melanoma cancer, and the FLI group were eager to respond when I suggested that we make the SKMRC the beneficiary of our first fundraising project,” she said.

“We aim to make a difference not only in the College but also in the community, and the charity luncheon gave us the perfect opportunity to develop project management skills while helping a vital area of medical research.”

The SKMRC was set up in memory of young Perth golfer, Scott Kirkbride, who lost his battle with melanoma in 2004.

Yvonne Kirkbride, Scott’s mother and the Centre’s founder, said that while she was delighted to receive the donation, the awareness raised by the luncheon would be crucial to their ongoing efforts.

“We are all so grateful for the brilliant work of the Future Leaders Initiative, and while the donation will certainly help us pursue our research, we’re particularly pleased that attention is being drawn to melanoma,” she said.

“It’s absolutely crucial that we make people aware of how prevalent melanoma is in WA, and we’ve now planted a seed of awareness in all those that attended the luncheon.”

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