Challenger TAFE well-equipped for training growth

Thursday, 25 September 2008

The recent addition of state-of-the-art equipment to Challenger TAFE's Henderson Campus will provide a major boost to its ability to train apprentices in the rapidly expanding composites industry.

Students will benefit from the latest technology for working with fibreglass and resin-based products.

Composites lecturer, Duane Davison, said the new equipment will significantly improve training delivery and help achieve greater occupational health and safety outcomes.

“Our students will now benefit from the latest and greatest gear for working with composites, which is essential in such a revolutionary industry,” he said.

“Equally important is that emissions will be lowered drastically – up to 60% in some cases – so the benefits to the operator are tremendous.”

Challenger TAFE's Director of Defence and Resource Industries, Greg Guppy, said many industry sectors are increasingly looking to composites to replace traditional materials and local companies and future workers are set to benefit.

“Composites have become essential in the defence, aerospace, resources and renewable energy industries, which supplements their long-standing use in lifestyle products such as swimming pools and surfboards,” he said.

“The ability of local companies to meet this growth and the potential to attract major contracts to WA is greatly enhanced with our ability to provide the next generation of workers with cutting-edge training.

“There had previously been a Catch 22 situation with a lack of skilled workers preventing growth and workers not being attracted to the industry due to a lack of opportunities, but we anticipate positive growth with the Magnum Venus Plastech machinery as part of our training.” 

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